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Let’s Start At the Very Beginning: 10 Early Warning Signs of Dementia

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My mom’s favorite movie had to be “Sound of Music.” It always seemed to be on Sunday nights, so we’d race home from church to watch it. Those songs are like my childhood soundtrack. So, when I thought about telling the story of Mom’s dementia from the beginning, who popped in my head but Julie Andrews. Go ahead, you know you know every song from that movie. So…let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start).

Anyone dealing with dementia finds themselves asking: when did this start? There are always small signs, but we usually ignore those, or count them off as isolated incidents: forgotten names; momentary memory lapses; one odd statement. Or maybe there’s bizarre behavior, but it’s not until later that we identify it as dementia’s beginning.

But there’s almost always one defining incident, one that can’t be ignored. That incident is the one that kicks us out of denial, the one that makes us say: this is dementiaContinue Reading


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